What happens to tourism after Brexit?


This year there will be no changes in the documentation required to travel

The United Kingdom will cease to belong to the European Union as of this Friday, January 31, and a transition period of eleven months is now open to negotiate a trade agreement with Brussels. Given this situation, the tourism sector around the world is preparing for a transition process and from the national tourism agency VisitBritain sends a message of confidence and welcome throughout Europe.

The separation of the United Kingdom from the EU is already a fact and there are many questions that arise regarding what will be the future of travel from now on.

More than two thirds of the tourism received by the United Kingdom comes from Europe. Therefore, VisitBritain wants to remind EU citizens that in 2020 they can travel to the United Kingdom as usual.

The same flights and usual ferry, bus and train services will remain. In addition, the documentation that EU citizens need to go on vacation to the United Kingdom will not change until at least 2021.

EU citizens can continue traveling with the DNI, use the European Health Card and travel to the United Kingdom on vacation or for short stays without needing a visa. Holders of a biometric passport can use electronic passport doors and enter the UK quickly and easily.

Until December 31, 2020, EU citizens may enter and leave the United Kingdom for tourism with a Passport or National Identity Document issued by any Member State, provided they are in force during the entire time of their stay. The National Identity Document will no longer be valid as a travel document to the United Kingdom throughout 2021.

Roaming is another thing that will not change until at least December 31, 2020. You can call, send messages and use data as if we were in Spain. Major companies such as Movistar, Vodafone and Orange have announced that they have no plans to change their roaming policy at the moment.

The European health card is still valid until at least December 31, 2020 and can be used in the United Kingdom without any problem. Afterwards, everything will depend on the agreements reached by the British Government and the community bloc.


«Europe has been and always will be a very important market for the United Kingdom as tourism companies in this country are visited by some 27 million Europeans a year,» explains VisitBritain’s director for Europe, Robin Johnson.

Therefore, from the United Kingdom we want to reassure EU citizens who want to travel to the United Kingdom and assure them that in 2020 they can travel as usual and make their reservations with complete peace of mind.

«We will continue to welcome you with open arms. Britain offers fascinating landscapes, large cities full of life, a rich historical heritage and a famous culture throughout the world, so it is always a good time to visit us,» they say from the organization

«Our campaigns to convey confidence to the public and our welcome messages have been very well received by our European customers. This encourages us to continue working and indicates that Britain will continue to be a top destination. Also, this year our hotels , shops and tourist attractions are going to present very attractive programs, so it is the perfect time to book a trip to Britain, «insists the Director for Europe of VisitBritain.


VisitBritain studies reveal that for most potential travelers from Europe, Britain’s departure from the EU will not influence their decision to spend a holiday in this country, which is still perceived as a welcoming destination.

VisitBritain has been working for many months with collaborating companies in the tourism sector throughout Europe to reassure the public and convey the message that they can continue visiting the United Kingdom after this country leaves the EU.

The national tourism agency plans to launch a new campaign in Europe in spring to promote the great experiences that can only be lived in Britain. The campaign will tell the stories of people and places that make present-day Britain such an interesting, dynamic and welcoming destination.

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