These are the airlines that do not fly to China and the countries that prohibit the entry of people from this country


Airlines around the world have decided to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus outbreak, ranging from the total cancellation of all flights to the possible refund of the ticket price or a date change.

These are the companies that have decided to suspend their routes to China and those that have chosen to take other measures:


· British Airways

The British airline British Airways has been one of the toughest to apply measures against the coronavirus since it has suspended all flights to and from mainland China until February 29, following the advice of the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs: » We apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our customers and the crew is always our priority. »

· Iberia

The main Spanish airline has announced that it temporarily suspends all its flights with Shanghai due to the spread of the coronavirus. The flights will be canceled from this Friday, January 31 and will be extended throughout the month of February. Customers who have already bought tickets to China can ask Iberia for a refund or a change of date to fly

.United Airlines

The United States has decided to suspend some flights planned to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai until February 8 due to the decrease in demand for travel to China: «We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our schedule as necessary.»

· American Airlines

This company has also announced that it cancels some of its connections with China, specifically the one that connects the city of Los Angeles with Shanghai, as of February 9.

· Lufthansa, Swiss and Australia Airlines

Lufthansa, Swiss and Australian Airlines, all integrated into the Lufthansa group, have announced that they suspend all connections with China until February 9 although routes to Hong Kong are maintained.

· Air France

The French company Air France, which until now had only canceled flights to Wuhan, has announced that it suspends all regular flights to and from China until February 9 before the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, the company says it will operate special flights to Shanghai and Beijing with volunteer crew members to allow customers and employees to return safely.

· Egyptair

The Egyptian national airline, Egyptair, announced on Thursday the suspension of its flights to and from China, as a preventive measure: «This decision is to keep Egyptair customers and cabin crew safe and avoid the coronavirus.» .

· Finnair

Finland’s Finnair has also chosen to cancel some of its flights to China, specifically those that connect Europe with the Beijing-Daxing International Airport and with Nanjing. The airplanes of these routes will stop flying from February 5 to the first airport and from day 8 in the case of the second, a suspension that will be maintained, at least, until February 29.

· Air Canada

Canada’s Air Canada has decided to suspend its flights to Beijing and Shanghai until February 29 following the recommendations of the Government of Canada to avoid traveling to China.

· Turkish Airlines

The Turkish airline Turkish Airlines joins the list of companies that have decided to suspend their flights to China because of the coronavirus outbreak. Specifically, it has canceled its connections with the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xi’an until February 9.

· Qantas

The Australian airline Qantas has announced the suspension of its flights to mainland China from next Sunday until March 29, something that is taking place in full expansion of the new coronavirus.

·  SAS

The Scandinavian airline SAS has suspended its flights to Beijing and Shanghai as a preventive measure against the outbreak of coronavirus in China, a suspension that will run until February 9.

·  Ural Airlines

The Russian airline Ural Airlines has suspended its flights to Europe due to the spread of the new coronavirus that is spreading throughout China. Flights will resume after the normalization of the epidemiological situation.

·  Lion Air

The Indonesian airline Lion Air, which has the largest fleet in Southeast Asia, is another of the companies that has chosen to cancel its connections with China although this measure will take effect from February 1.

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