Brussels investigates whether the Italian Government’s 400 million loan to Alitalia is legal


Second investigation for possible illegal aid in the framework of the rescue of the airline

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether the loan of 400 million euros from the Italian Government to the airline Alitalia complies with European standards on State aid or is an illegal subsidy, as reported in a statement.

Rome gave ‘green light’ to this loan in December with the objective that Alitalia could continue operating until Italian authorities find investors to refloat the airline. However, Brussels has received «a series of complaints alleging that the loan is a State aid incompatible with the applicable Community rules».

Thus, the Community Executive seeks to give «clarity» with his research to both Italy and the company and all potential buyers of it.

The opening of the investigations gives the opportunity to Rome and other interested parties to transfer their opinions to the European Competition services. Brussels, for its part, has ensured that it does not prejudge the final result of the investigation and that it will be working with the Italian authorities to resolve the matter.

This investigation is the second that the European Commission opens on loans granted by the Italian Government to Alitalia, since in April 2019 it had already started another to find out if the 900 million bridge loan that had been granted to the company previously respected the Community legislation

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