At least 60 injured by the loss of fuel from an airplane while landing in Los Angeles emergency


At least 60 people have been injured on Tuesday due to the loss of fuel from an airplane over five elementary schools and an institute, when they were going to land emergency at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The plane, a Boeing 777-200 of the Delta Airlines company, had just taken off from Los Angeles airport with 288 passengers on board and bound for Shanghai when it «experienced a problem with the engine that required the plane to return quickly,» he explained. the company itself, as reported by the CNN chain.

«The aircraft landed safely after a fuel release, which was required as part of the normal procedure to achieve a safe landing weight,» Delta Airlines added.

Affected people have been decontaminated with soap and water, but none of the injured have required hospital assistance, said the sergeant of the Los Angeles School Police Department, Rudy Perez.

The most affected school has been Park Avenue Elementary, in the city of Cudahy, almost 31 kilometers from the airport, where 20 children and 11 adults have suffered minor injuries. Hazardous materials experts have confirmed that there is no danger, according to the Fire Department.

In fact, all schools will open at their usual times this Wednesday. «With the surveillance devices we have, explosive limits are not being detected, nor are solid or liquid products left,» said fire chief Jason Robertson, adding that they believe all the fuel has evaporated. «

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