6 Disney Characters Who Are Actually The Villain


Disney is well known to portraying positive characters which very often become favorites for kids and role models for generations. Nevertheless, when you become an adult you realize that the real villain is the hero. While they do brave things but very often they hurt someone who doesn’t deserve it. Can you guess which heroes got it all wrong?

Aladdin (Aladdin, 1992)

Most of us remember the beautiful love story of Aladdin and Jasmine, but most of the time Aladdin shows the features that don’t make him a hero at all. It is easy to forget that Aladdin is actually a thief and a liar as he uses everyone around him for his benefit. 

Woody (Toy story, 1995) 

Woody is kids’ favorite but he actually is quite bossy and only does what he wants. We might think that Sid is a nasty kid but he is just a normal kid and shouldn’t be hurt by a toy he even doesn’t know is alive. Not to mention he is a bit selfish and can’t accept any other toy being better than him.

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